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We’re charging right on into fall, sinners, and the new school year has hit off with a bang for a lot of our members. Fear not – the fun won’t stop here! HS staff are working hard to bring forward some brand new ideas to the table to spruce up or little RPG, and we could use some help! Do you have a site-wide plot idea that could work for a seasonal plot? Do you want to see an sp00ky set of adoptables from our in-house designer, Elegant? The season of haunting has just begun, and a lot of new things are coming your way! We’d also like to thank all of our faithful members who have taken the time to stick around despite our ups and downs as a staff team. We’ve had a lot of personal changes in our lives as a whole team, but we’re all here for you, sinners! Make sure you take a peek at the character updates bulletin to the left of the updates bar, and take the time to post some open threads and get working on plots. We rely on you and your characters to make this site as fancy and fun as it is, so keep on going!

Hello everyone! Just a quick heads up about a few changes around the site. Ancestral magic has been altered in the slightest to be more user friendly, so I wanted to take the time to update our rpers about the revamp. Please visit ITEM INDEX & SHOP INFORMATION and MAGIC ELABORATED to familiarize yourself with the changes. ALL items that you buy from the store must be sent to the account of the character you intend to use them for, with the exception of breeding items that you must still send to the items log. Spells for Ancestral users now must be purchased from the store in order for the user to be able to cast them. These spells will be sent to the character profile of your Ancestral character where they will stay to let other rpers know which spells your character can cast! They have indefinite uses, so once you buy a spell you don’t have to buy it again. In addition, four NEW spells have been created. Check it out, and if you have any questions please let a staff member know so we can answer them. Also please visit MAGIC ASSIGNMENT so that we can apply any items to character accounts that were made before the update to the site.

It's been a while since you've heard a collective update from the staff, but a lot has changed in the past coming months! Character profiles are still underway, and the new tagging system in in place to be tried. Now that it's summer, we'd love to see increased activity, and those that actively roleplay will be rewarded with NEW site items! The site shop is still stocked for everyone's needs, but keep an eye out for a plethora of brand new items! Now that our accounts are much more personalized, there will be a slew of personalized items available. We'll also be doing an advertisement contest and will be looking to reward the winners with art prizes! Get out there and start posting, sinners! There will also be new OTMs posted shortly, and we encourage everyone to nominate and vote for the new site winners. Thank you for sticking with us through all of these updates.

Character Bulletin
(4/9/16) After ceaseless rises and falls of rulers within the Animae realm, the Fates have stepped forward and nullified any kind of monarchy. The Fates are in temporary control of the Animae kingdom until further expansion ensues.

(3/4/16) Due to the abandonment of Akasha within the Animae kingdom, Hallelujah LightTamer have stepped forward as the new Animae queen. Be sure to visit your capital to greet your new royals, and join in on any open engagements they have to offer.

(2/3/16) After Nero stepped down from the Aeris throne, Cæruleus arose as the kingdom's new ruler. Herdless Aeris users are encouraged to visit the royal lands and inquire about home, business, and employment for the good of the kingdom.

(12/20/15) The king and queen of Terra have just welcomed a royal son: Azimuth Umbra. Whether the Fates regard the event highly enough to attend his christening is unknown, but a blessing or a curse might yet be in store for Nyx and Cassiopia and their newborn prince.

(11/30/15) Cassiopia Nebualis issued a challenge to Giada over the position of queen of the Terra kingdom. With no response from the scaled queen, Cassiopia is now the reigning queen of the earthly kingdom.

(09/28/15) The Animae kingdom has changed rulers again, the brief king Ragnarr stepping down. Akasha has taken her place as queen, and has opened joining to the capital, Asphodel.

(08/29/15) Giada and Nyx Umbra have put on an event, The Gardenian Gala, to welcome all kingdoms, magic or non-magic alike, to their home in Viridia.

(07/28/15) A great storm gathered over The Narrows, out of season and as sudden as a change of mind; many that got caught in the tempest claim it must have been a Fate. But which, if any?

(06/13/15) The Animae king, Proteus, has been challenged! Ragnarr issued his summons and went without response, assuming the throne there after.

(06/03/15) One of the prolific queens of Terra has stepped down. Umbrella Volta has left her throne, her sister-queen Giada appointing a king in her place, Nyx Umbra.

(06/18/15) The Ignis royalty, Levi and Suckerpunch, have extended an invitation to all inhabitants of the Sins Isle to their home in Pyrrhus.
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No New Posts guidelines
All important information regarding Hallow Sins can be accessed here. Updates will be achieved here, as well as a plethora of important threads such as the rules, regulations, and guides to roleplaying here on HS! Please be sure to check back and access this board frequently to see the updates and additions to our RPG.
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22 56 Sep 20 2016, 05:22 PM
No New Posts mingling
Access to games, trackers, advertising and much more can be found within the Mingling area. Please be sure to be courteous to other members! Feel free to test your post format structures here, ask questions, or hold polls. Graphics and codes are also allowed to be requested here. Check out all the individual boards and opportunities at your leisure.
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241 849 Dec 12 2016, 10:09 PM
In: One table?
By: Suzerain
No New Posts introductions
All new characters must be introduced here, as well as foals. Remember approval is required before posting. You must also must post here with your OOC Account. You may also interact with other players through plotting, ads, and adoptions here! Character logs may be customized to a player’s specifications, or you may use the basic log code provided by staff.
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795 1435 Jan 16 2017, 10:58 PM
In: nymmers
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Have we posted an advertisement on your RPG? Are you looking for a place to advertise? Here in the advertisements, guests are welcome to post their ads. Please be sure to use the correct formatting when posting your advertisement, and please also be sure to post in the correct board~
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668 341 Mar 24 2017, 04:51 AM
By: Kenkou

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No New Posts kingdom irrigo
The Irrigo Kingdom is home to horses that possess power over water. The terrain itself is frigid, challenging to access, and seemingly inhabitable to outside elements, but comforting to the all Irrigo citizens. Under the reign of the Tragedies, the Irrigo are a steadfast entity with a strong militia and an unbeatable stealth. The guidance of the monarchs will help the Irrigo continue as a vast resource to their allies and a terrifying nemesis to their enemies.

the monarchy of catacomb tragedy & solace tragedy

Subforums: manoir de glace, Nassau, the silver tides

31 69 Jan 21 2017, 12:18 PM
In: Bliss and Ignorance
By: Prophet
No New Posts kingdom terra
The Terra Kingdom specializes in earth. Complex jungles and lively forests congest the Terra Kingdom, a close web for the citizen to weave between. A valuable asset to their allies, they will flourish and prosper, becoming a kingdom with strength to rival Mother Nature’s. With more than enough resources to help those outside their walls, the Terra will never turn their backs on those in need, for the Terra are one with the Earth, and the Earth is home to all.

the monarchy of cassiopia nebualis & nyx umbra

Subforums: viridia, open, open

36 77 Sep 7 2016, 01:29 PM
In: ☆The Queen Summons.
By: Nyx Umbra
No New Posts kingdom aeris
Cliffs and black rock stretch across the landscape leaving a brutal, twisted expanse of earth that reaches towards the rest of isle. The inhabitants of this land are patient, kind and good willed towards all that enter their domain. However, in the underbelly of this land is something dangerous. Hidden in a pit below the Capital, something stirs, seeking to grow and tear across the isle like a sickness. There's a storm brewing; will you weather it or fold beneath it?

the monarchy of CAERULEUS

Subforums: stormhaven, st. augustine's, open

13 20 Mar 20 2016, 07:24 PM
In: -INVITATION- Festival of Li...
By: Glass
No New Posts kingdom ignis
Inside the heart of the island is the Ignis Kingdom, a sanctuary for fire users. The Ignis are of discipline and trained warriors and fighters, well suited for their harsh lands. Under the monarch's rule, Ignis will rise up as a dominating kingdom of force when necessary, level headed despite their fiery natures. Ignis will be a steady flame in the lands, burning bright and tended by the monarchs born for war and diplomacy.

the monarchy of artaxerxes

Subforums: tjebnutjer, open, open

2 0 Oct 1 2016, 06:51 PM
In: ☥ tjebnutjer
By: Artaxerxes
No New Posts kingdom animae
In the western coast of the Island lies the Animae kingdom. Surrounded by mountains, countless stone buildings and crisp, sweet meadows is where the monarchy reside. The Animae are a noble and mostly placid group, keeping themselves out of the divides of other kingdoms. They are a stronghold of diplomats and trained warriors, regarding themselves above the rest of the magic users. Under the current rule of the King and Queen with help from the spirits, the Animae are going from strength to strength.

now under control of the fates

Subforums: Animae Kingdom, open, Salazen Grum

8 9 Jul 31 2016, 11:27 PM
In: ⛧ Down With The Sickness
By: Nero Erubus
No New Posts the paramount
In the far north of the Sins Isle, a jagged mountain stands tall, its peak hoisted above the line of dismal clouds that hang around the rocky edges. A day's trek to the peak hoists any traveler to the heart of The Three Fates' roaming grounds. As the gods of the isle, the Fates possess the power to change the future, but at a cost.

Subforums: the ravine, temple of fates

7 6 Sep 13 2016, 10:51 AM
By: Queen Razia

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No New Posts the north
Cold winds blow across much of the North where many Irrigo citizens find comfort, so close to home. Though there are reprieves from the chill at times, these untamed lands are never quite warm. The mountain range that cuts through this part of the island is also where the Fates reside, though it is impossible to find their chosen mount here.

Subforums: serea fjord, icebound pass, cliff springs, ambrosia woods

57 131 Dec 14 2016, 10:17 AM
In: cactus in the valley
By: Harena Solanacea
No New Posts the east
The eastern lands on the Sins Isle host the Aeris kingdom and these wild lands reflect their natives. Sometimes dangerous and often gusty, the weather remains unpredictable here. Rapid changes in temperature are common, though the wind currents that come off the ocean are balmy. There are many unexplored nooks and crannies of the East.

Subforums: the narrows, vapor marsh, obsidian cliff, blackfoot beach

55 186 Jul 8 2016, 07:34 AM
In: 𝓗old On To What You Stri...
By: Fjorgyn Khan
No New Posts the south
In the South is where the Terra kingdom lies, nestled in all the thick growth of the earth. It is always colorful and agreeable here. The weather varies accordingly and never is very capricious, but predictable with the seasons. Appropriately, mothers come to the southern corner of the island to have their babies.

Subforums: cimmerian loch, grecian ruins, warbler meadow, fever valley

56 92 Oct 11 2016, 12:59 AM
In: now you see it didn't c...
By: Enemy Gospel
No New Posts the west
The western roaming lands are lush and inviting, always abundant. The Animae kingdom can be found here by no surprise. However dry and hot it begins to turn as one enters the center of the Isle where the Ignis reside, this part of the island is a pleasant one. Nothing ill seems to happen here, but whether that is an illusion or not is unknown.

Subforums: hallow graves, glass chapel, verdant jungle, lucent cave

45 97 Dec 21 2016, 04:05 PM
In: Crystallized (open)
By: Harena Solanacea

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No New Posts ic archives
All deleted ic threads will go here.
Subforums: the ballroom

1 0 Aug 29 2015, 01:55 AM
In: Trials Of The Storm - Aeris...
By: Disturbed Coyote
No New Posts ooc archives
All deleted ic threads will go here.
58 78 Jul 6 2016, 06:15 PM
In: New Animae Kingdom Ruler

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